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A Tailored Package to Suit All!

Here at Storm Rhino we can offer two primary types of publication; commercial and non-commercial which are available in different publishing packages. Read more about our publishing packages [here].


As well as the packages, we also offer our services as stand-alone services that you can mix and match. Click below for more details.

You must always remember that Storm Rhino Publishing are Publishers - not Publicists. Our job is to see your story from electronic document through to a beautifully crafted paperback and/or eBook. We do make it available for sale, and unlike vanity publishers we always print more when ordered rather than waiting for a minimum order of 100 before doing a print run. If only one person orders a book and we don't have it in stock, then we order more – it's as simple as that. And while we actively try to gain more connections in the retail world, we can never make any guarantees. You might find your book has a niche market as it is, or it's not the genre of the season and that makes approaching retailers difficult. A "Publicist" or "Book Selling Agent" on the other hand is paid to sell your work and promote it. You can always use Storm Rhino to help create your dream book and then consider hiring a publicist to do additional selling.

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