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A Tailored Package to Suit All!

Below you can find all the details about the two types of publishing packages we offer; Commercial and Non-Commercial.


If you're unsure about which publishing type is best suited for you, check out our guide below or download the PDF. When you're ready to submit, head over to the submissions page for details on how to send us your masterpiece!

Commercial Publication


This type of publication is when, upon passing initial screening, we offer you a publication deal to produce and sell your work in paperback and/or eBook formats. This licence to publish is valid for twelve months initially, after which a renewal is required. Your book will be published with us as the publishers and as such we will assign a unique ISBN number as appropriate. As a Storm Rhino title, your book will also be categorised under our Categorisation Policy. This initiative allows potential buyers and readers to see what themes and genres your book contains. There are four publishing packages to choose from for commercial publication, all of which contain a proof-reading and copy-editing service built in. Additional services can be added such as book sleeve design and eBook publishing. Download the publishing packages PDF for pricing details and check out the submissions page for more details.

Non-Commercial Publication


This type of publication offer is when we turn your work into a paperback for your personal use only. There is no publication contract to sign and your work will not require an ISBN number or category symbols as we will not publish your book for sale to the general public. There are two different packages available for non-commercial publications and more details can be found by downloading our publishing packages PDF or you can email us with any questions.

Commercial Publishing Packages Which Publishing Route is for me? (PDF) Publishing Options Routemap - Download Available Non-Commercial Publishing Packages Non-Commercial Publishing Packages - Download Available Commercial Publishing Packages