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The Rhino is the mascot for Storm Rhino Publishing.

The Rhino is the imprint image for Storm Rhino Publishing.

He is the brand.

He is the brains.

He is the braun.

He makes sure these guys are always doing their jobs properly...

And if not, he's on it!

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Matt S


Art Deco; Jazz; and most things 80's! Oh, and steampunk...LOTS of steampunk!!


Since meeting Claire at university - where door handles come off at inopportune times and vacuum cleaners raged-on at silly-O-clock in the morning (this really DID happen!), things have been one humorous and creative adventure: one where both of us work through certain computer games and either go into orbit or fall into fits of laughter at the cliches and plot-holes. I suppose that's why at Storm Rhino, there's just as much time for laughter as there is work – because our work is an important part of what matters most to us.


Since starting out on the writer's journey, I have had the tremendous fortune of working on some fantastic projects such as the Ravenheart Chronicles series in collaboration with Claire-Louise Clements, as well as some solo work that has helped me develop the curious craft of creative writing. I think for me personally, the project with the most profound impact has been the "Rediscovering Daniel" Saga. To begin with, it started out as a standalone project, but at its conclusion it became clear that there was more of Daniel's story to be told and so the standalone ended up spawning a sequel, which in turn provided more scope for telling his story and thus, a trilogy was (unintentionally) born! The most powerful aspect of this series is how it charts an influential part in a person's early life (18-25) and it was fascinating how the characters and situations began to grow almost organically. I truly hope the reading experience of Daniel's saga for the reader is as enjoyable as it was for me putting it together.


Sources of inspiration include masterpieces such as "Life on Mars", "The Breakfast Club", "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", "The Demon Headmaster" series and "Alan Wake"; all of which I consider to be fantastic, potent and compelling narratives. Personally, I find the coming-of-age narrative and psychological thriller two of the best forms as each hold great potential to connect with an audience irrespective of ideological differences as they usually evoke a sense of feelings that most people can empathise with and appreciate.


For me, the principle goal in writing for an audience is to communicate understanding and to offer a line of discourse for people who perhaps don't feel they have a voice; offering empowerment through knowledge and understanding. Even if my work only ever touches or helps one person, then it's a job well done. Historically, writing and story-telling has brought people together for centuries and I believe that it is a tradition worth keeping alive for future generations.


Read. Read again. And then, read some more. Words free us all.


My sincerest thanks for your time.

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Creative writing has been my passion for many years. It all started when I wrote fan fictions, both solo and with some friends. The group work gave rise to my own ideas which I developed further until I began to come up with original story lines. That's when I truly began my writing journey. My first fully finished novel was Gone which combined my love of crime, mystery thrillers and the truly alluring Japanese culture. It took me a long time to finally accept my work as finished as I am naturally a perfectionist, resulting in the final number of drafts to reach an astounding number! As I was working on this novel, I followed my secondary interest of Science and went to University where I met fellow co-founder of Storm Rhino, Matthew Delaney. With his encouragement, help and guidance, I managed to put an end to the editing and begin work on the publishing. And so, one fine day in a coffee shop in Lincoln, UK, Storm Rhino was born…


As well as my writing, I enjoy neoclassical music, the piano and art. I did struggle with art at school as I felt the syllabus was very strict and I wasn't truly able to express myself the way I wanted. Since leaving school I have found much joy in rekindling my love with art.


Many things have influenced me in my writing, including other books, films, games and music. I often write whilst listening to particular music to set the mood of the story and somewhere along the lines, there are often small references to some of the many places where I've gained inspiration. Can you find them all?


I've found that reading can open a door that takes you away from reality. It might only be for a little while but reading can open your mind to so much. It can move you to laughter, joy, tears and sadness. For me, writing is the next step. When reading just wasn't enough and I wanted to make my own characters, my own world and my own storyline, I turned my pen to paper and wrote. I wanted to create new emotions, new feelings and new stories. I hope that all the feeling I put into writing them reflect unto you, the readers. If I can cause a stir of emotion in just one person, or equally so, if I can encourage just one person to write and follow their dream, then I will be happy that I have achieved what I set out to do.


Every time you open a book, imagine opening a door into an alternate reality. Step into the shoes of other characters...


See, hear and smell what they do.


Live and breathe their world.


Truly, this is the power of a story.

17. Storm Rhino Jim Profile



He might seem like a nice guy, all smiles and polite but what really goes on beneath the inky black of his eyes?

He sits facing the wall, he rocks back and forth but what of his forte and what of his worth?

He blankly looks at a page all crisp and white, is it “vanilla sunset” or “crème de la moonlight”?

He presses a biro, snap! Screams the pen as it breaks clean in half, like this tired old rhyming and rhythm and stuff.

It bleeds black as raven all over the page, to which he retorts, drown-in’ coffee again.

How could he be made to feel so frustrated when all he need do was explain what he created.

And slowly but surely, sorely he pouted as he gradually realised that it was his talent he doubted.


Surely he noted that shortly they’d notice: all his expression were simple like the wings of a lotus

Tattooed on the foot of a middle aged woman, craning her neck to ignore other humans

With a screen on her phone igniting her face, plugged in, downloaded an app for her soul to rest.

Ok so the last little part was a little too far but I hope you get the message before I loose where I are.

Where I AM, don’t you know I do try my best but writing in rhyme can be quite the test.

I like darkness, I like poetry, I like music of all kinds; I like writing and reading and I like wasting my time.

I like pretty pictures, I like to sing in my band; I like paying my mortgage somewhere in t’ midlands.

Finally I would like to wrap this all up; wrap it like Christmas with a big bow on top.


If I can help you I will, I’ll give you all of my best but please don’t get mad ‘cos I’m easily stressed.

So be nice and you’ll get the most out of me, be all that you can, be all you can be.


With a flick of my wrist, a wave and I’m gone, all that’s left behind is you all alone.


“I am Jim”; written at some point close to midnight on 20/06/2016 with at least 62% coffee to blood ratio. “It has been a pretty good night.”