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Artuist: Iain Hill


Artist : Iain Hill


After graduating from the University of Lincoln in 2003 where I studied BA(hons) Illustration, I have made the world of Graphic Design and Visual Communication my career under the freelance name 1981Design. I have worked in varied areas of design over the past decade, and now specialise in Book Sleeve Design and artworking, and Sports Orientated design. Book Sleeve Design is a creative and rewarding area to work in where creative people can collaborate and showcase skills and areas.


Editor : Anne Grange


I'm a story addict. As an only child, I grew up making up stories and developing a rich imagination. By the time I finished my GCSE language, my coursework folder landed with an resounding thud on the desk as I'd already written a novella and used to write extra English essays for fun! Fast forward to 2013: by now, I had an English Literature degree, teaching qualifications and a Masters in Creative Writing from Sheffield Hallam under my belt. I'd also published my first novel, Outside Inside. The day job was no longer the place for me. It was time to help other people to write brilliantly. I launched Wild Roesmary Writing Services and my life has been an adventure ever since.



Wild Rosemary Writing Services



A bespoke editing and writing service for authors. Whether you've written your first novel and want to get it out into the world, or are putting together a memoir for yourself or a loved one, I can proofread, copy-edit and work with you to make sure you've got a manuscript you can be proud of.


And I can help you to take the next steps into the world of publication, whether you want one copy to treasure, or if you're aiming to sell millions. I charge on a project basis. My rates vary from £20-£40 per hour, depending on the nature of the work I'm carrying out and how many revisions I am making.


I can also charge a rate based on the number of words I am undertaking: a sample fee would be £8 per £1,000 words of copy editing.

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