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What is Storm Rhino Publishing?


We are an independent hybrid-style publisher formed by writers for writers. We don't have a twenty five year history in marketing and publications through corporate or mainstream outlets and we don't have a drawer full of publishing related qualifications. What we do have is a passion for reading and writing, an enthusiasm to share talent and creativity with the world and a human heart to offer care and help to aspiring authors who just want some guidance in carving their very own, personal literary dream.

I have written a book and want it publishing - how does Storm Rhino work?


We offer two different types of publication depending what you want from the final outcome. We offer non-commercial (private) so you can just order copies for yourself and friends and we offer commercial (public) where we'd make it available for general sale. Each type has different packages that offer different levels of service but don't just take the packages as the only way. All our services are mix and match and you can create the perfect package for you and your needs. Remember, we're here to help you!

What rights am I giving away if I sign a publishing contract with Storm Rhino?


Only commercial publication requires a publishing contract to be signed. At the heart of the contract, you as the author and creator of the work only grant us the license to publish the work in print (and digital if chosen) formats for 12 months only. Some publishers want to retain all rights to your work in all formats including merchandise and television. Be sure you are only letting go of what you're happy to give away.

Why do you only offer contracts for twelve months when other competitors have longer terms or even lifetime contracts?


You are more than welcome to request a longer term or even a lifetime one but here at Storm Rhino we want you as the author to retain control. After all, the work is yours, is it not? If you feel after a few years with us, you're goals have changed then you're free to leave. Letting someone take control of your work (for publishing and selling purposes) is a big decision not to be taken lightly. We don't want to add to that pressure by making you sign for life. Since we're writers ourselves, we're adaptable as a company and as a Storm Rhino author, you would have chance to voice your opinions on our services and shape our future.

Why does Storm Rhino charge for its publishing services?


We'd love to give our services away for free to help fellow authors but it's just not possible. What we charge for covers the time we put in to the work. We aim to deliver truly personalised services every time and to do this, we need to dedicate ourselves to you and you alone. All we're asking for in return is the monetary value of that time and work. Sure, there are a lot of great publishers and companies out there offering no-fee services, but you do have to ask yourself; if it's so good, why is it free? You get what you pay for but only pay for what you want.

Some publishers want my book perfectly written and already formatted for print - does Storm Rhino expect the same?


No! The point of Storm Rhino is to offer an alternative solution to publishing. We understand that everyone's level of skill and ability is different but they may still share a dream of being published. Who are we to judge aspiring writers based on their level of computer skills? We're here to offer advice at every level of publishing to all writers of all ages and all abilities. We do not expect you to submit a fully finished book to us that we merely glance over and promptly send to the printers with a stock photo cover. We put in effort and quality check every book published. That's what our services are for! And that's why they are mix and match because you may know how to format your work so don't need us to. That's fine, this publishing journey is adaptable to you!

Does Storm Rhino require me to have a Literary Agent?


No! Storm Rhino is founded by writers for writers and we feel we can deliver best upon that vision by dealing directly with prospective authors from day one. Aside from adding another layer to the process, the inclusion of a literary agent would almost certainly have fee implications that would require more extensive contract negotiations. Normally their fees are deducted at source from accrued royalties on a percentage basis. Careful guidance and support is offered by Storm Rhino at every stage in the process so you will remain fully informed, and we feel this makes the role usually fulfilled by a literary agent in more mainstream arrangements, largely obsolete.

Does Storm Rhino fulfil all print orders when requested?


Yes! Unlike some publisher types, we do not only order batches once certain sales quota have been filled. If someone orders your book then we print it and deliver to the customer. Simple!

Can Storm Rhino guarantee sales of my book?


No and you should be wary of anyone that says they can. After all, you're not forced into buying anything you don't choose to so how can we (or anyone) possibly force people to buy your book? We can't, all we can do is make it the best it can be in line with your vision and dreams and then make it actively available for sale on as many channels available to us. If you're accepted by a mainstream publisher then of course they can probably guarantee certain bookstores buying a minimum batch but whether the shop sells them to actual readers is a different matter!

What are the royalty rates on offer by Storm Rhino for commercial publication?


To show how we appreciate your hard work and to remind you at every sale that it would not have been possible without you, we offer a very attractive royalty rate of (net sale) 60% of eBook sales 30% for paperbacks which is well above the industry standard. You will also be pleased to hear that our royalties are not part of a minimum sales scheme or sliding scale scheme!

So why should I choose Storm Rhino?


You should choose us if you want independence and freedom with your published book. You should choose us if you need some guidance on publishing or you know what you want but want a personal touch. You should choose us if you want someone to actually read your book before publishing…no really, this is not as common as you may think! You should choose us if you want to join our ever growing family and organic, adaptable company where you can have your say on shaping its future. You should choose us if you've read what we do and don't do and that fits your dream and ideals.


Most importantly, you should choose us if YOU WANT TO!