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Here at Storm Rhino, we understand that you may want a unique cover but can’t afford a bespoke design from our artists. Equally, you may not have the resources to make your own cover from scratch. We aim to make sure all your work is at the best quality it can be, and so as part of our package solutions, we offer a free book cover solution. Check out the examples below which can be tailored to suit your needs!

NXCB005 - Saving Josh (THUMBNAIL) NXCB002 - Calhoun's Revenge (THUMBNAIL) NXCB003 - Tatsuya's Dream (THUMBNAIL) NXCB004 - Farewell Angie (THUMBNAIL) NXCB001 - Wetherby Yearbook (THUMBNAIL) NXCB006 - Has Anyone Seen Isao (THUMBNAIL) NXCB007 - Lincoln Road Flashback (THUMBNAIL) NXCB008 - Tara's Dilemma (THUMBNAIL)