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Storm Rhino Publishing - a competitor to the norm!


So where does Storm Rhino fit in to this confusing publishing equation? Well Storm Rhino is run by writers and was founded for writers. We do this in our spare time to help aspiring writers overcome the same obstacles we did - we are not sharks in suits!


We initially began our personal publication journey by aiming for mainstream publication, but came up against one wall or another and had to sacrifice something for something else and it just didn’t sit right with us. As we all know, nobody is perfect and a writer’s first book will often pale in comparison to work they create later in life as they progress, but we wanted our work to be ours right from the start – warts and all! The fees for vanity and subsidy publishing put us straight off the scent but self-publishing lured us. After many hours researching, we found the pros and cons to all the different publishing processes and set about forming a list of things we wanted as writers from our books and what we needed to do to get there. It was a long process and took a lot of hard work and we’re still learning even today (!) – We don’t pretend to be mainstream publishers with promises of huge sales and degree level English qualifications in editing and proof-reading but we are writers, we are readers and we are honest. We are passionate and we are here to help.

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