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Author : Peter Flint


'Riders of the Purple Plain' was a story I wrote when I was ten years old. I sent it to my Dad who was probably in Northern France having taken part in the D-Day landings. I have joked that he would have preferred to face the German machine-guns than read my story! It was my Dad who read to me; told me stories of his own boyhood escapades and lots of jokes which probably set me on the path to my love of books and writing…that ******* Adolf Hitler has a lot to answer for!


My next literary success was at Grammar School. For English homework we were asked to write a poem…I wrote two! My mate hadn't done his homework so I gave him the 'frivolous rubbish' one I had written about head-scarves which were the 'cool' fashion for girls at the time…and you thought that society hadn't made any progress! I also wrote a 'deep soulful poem' which must have been good because it was difficult to understand. 'My mate's poem' was published in the School Magazine while mine went to that great waste-paper bin in the sky.


Fast forward forty years. I had retired from teaching and began to write short stories which I occasionally sent to publishers only to receive the inevitable…'this is the greatest story since Bill Shakespeare was writing his stuff but…' I went to Doncaster Central Library and asked if they had a Writer in Residence. They no longer had but sent me to the Doncaster Arts Centre which was at a former school in Bentley. There I met Ian MacMillan who was the W-in-R. Ian read some of my stuff and advised me to have an on-going project at which I could 'work' when the Muse was absent. I wrote about my two years National Service experience in the Army. He also advised me to join a Writers' Group so I joined Rossington Writers where I have been a member for almost twenty years.


I have had a few minor successes, winning a few local Poetry Competitions and a couple of one-act play competitions. I had a 'rap' called 'Geriatric Jive' performed on John Peel's Sunday morning magazine programme and a humorous poem read out live on the B.B.C.'s coverage of the Chelsea Flower Show.


I have written stories for all my grandchildren. When my oldest grand-daughter was small and I was taking her somewhere in the car, she used to say, "Tell me a story Grandad." The most difficult subjects she gave me were…a blanket and a hedge! Imagine trying to drive and making up a story about a blanket or a hedge! Then she came up with…'A Princess in a Bubble'. I must have thought of something but, later, I thought this was a great idea and wrote the 'Bubble Trubble' story for her.


I read in the South Yorkshire Arts magazine about Storm Rhino Publishing and they did a brilliant job on this book.


Here endeth the lesson!

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Authors : David Hearn


I live in the Northeast of England and studied at Bradford University until 1996. My background is in science, but I enjoy history and am always reading.


This is my first book which I started in 2013. Many readers will see influences of the Narnia books which have always been a favourite and probably the most re-read of all stories. I also drew inspiration for the places in the book from the surrounding area whilst walking my dog in nearby woods and fields.


Writing this book and having it published with the help of Storm Rhino has been a big achievement. I am currently working with Storm Rhino to write Martyn's second adventure.




Authors : Gerard Byrne


56 years of age.


Has two daughters, Lucy and Daisy.


Lives in Nottingham.