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About Us : A History

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Storm Rhino was first discussed in 2009 (when it was originally called Nemesis Publishing), between Claire-Louise and Matt as a way to share their literary works with the reading community but without the hassle of traditional publishing methods. After coming up against barrier after barrier during their own publishing journey, they began to discuss what they wanted from a publishing service as writers proud of their work and eager to maintain uniqueness in their crafted worlds.


Self-publishing offered little to no advice but did allow for full creative control over covers and interior formatting.


Traditional/Mainstream publishing only accepted a book if it was a financially viable proposition for them, but the expert help and advice coupled with potential large sales was very alluring.


Vanity publishing offered very little of anything and only seemed to exist to take money from said aspiring writer and give them in return only their printed book – sometimes in poor quality!


Taking all these pros and cons into account, Claire-Louise and Matt devised a publishing process that they could trial on their own work and then offer as a service to equally hopeful writers fed up with the options currently on the market for publishing their stories.


And so, Storm Rhino was finally founded with a goal of delivering an alternative publishing service for writers of quality literary fiction with a distinctively personal touch. Based in South Yorkshire, UK, Storm Rhino Publishing offers book publishing services to any aspiring writer and is committed to delivering a personal service to all clients.